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Beauty Botox Anti-Aging Filler Lips Expert Injector
VIP Membership

Become an exclusive VIP Member and enjoy special VIP pricing on every treatment and priority appointment scheduling!

*Auto-charged monthly. 3 month minimum commitment, then cancel/pause at any time.

Aesthetics & Anti-aging

Consultation appointments are available for $59

(waived if treated same day)

Botox: $13 | $11 VIP

Xeomin: $13 | $11 VIP

Versa: $650 | $575 VIP

Juvederm Ultra: $675 | $599 VIP

Voluma: $850 | $775 VIP

Vollure/Volbella: $750 | $675 VIP

Volux: $900 | $825 VIP

Radiesse: $900 | $825 VIP

 RHA fillers: Call for pricing | VIP

Undereye Filler:  $750 Flat Fee

Liquid Rhinoplasty: $1000 Flat Fee

Kybella: $625 | $575 VIP

Hylenex (filler dissolving): $199/area

Microneedling: $295 | $249 VIP

Skin tag/mole removal: $195 each


Aesthetic Packages

san diego Botox

5 Years Younger

40 units Botox, 1 syringe Juvederm Ultra, 1 syringe Voluma


Smooth your wrinkles and restore volume back in your mid and lower face.

$1900 ($145 savings!)

san diego best med spa

10 Years Younger

40 units Botox, 2 syringes Juvederm Ultra, 2 syringes Voluma


Recommended for clients 35+ years of age, or for those who desire facial contouring.

Restore volume loss in cheeks, smooth jawline, plump lips and lift smile lines.

$3250 ($320 savings!)

san diego fillers

Face Slimming

30 units Botox, 2 syringes Voluma


For round, oval, or square face shapes; slims the jawline, lengthens the face,   creates cheekbones.

Aims to create a heart-shaped face, the most attractive face shape for women.

$2050 ($40 savings!)

san diego jawline filler


3 syringes Voluma

For men: creates a masculine jaw structure and squares the chin. Subtle and natural!

For women: points the chin, smooths the jawline and creates a sexy, sleek profile.

$2350 ($200 savings!)

san diego microneedling

Microneedling Series

3 microneedling sessions

Smooth skin texture, fine lines/wrinkles, refine pores, lighten pigmentation/sun spots, improve acne scars, and so much more! 

Stimulates your skin to produce its own natural collagen to plump and rejuvenate.

$795 ($90 savings!)

The most sought-after treatment:

undereye filler

san diego undereye fillers

Immediately after treatment

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